We are looking partners from EU Member States, in particular:

  •  Non-governmental organizations involved in youth development
  •  Organizations that are active in the field of non-formal education, entrepreneurship, community development, culture,



Our project’s main goal is to explore how to use games and gamification as educational tools for building knowledge and competence. The project will contribute to the development of social, interpersonal as well as entrepreneurship skill of young people. Our project also aims to enhance their youth’s professional, psychosocial and intercultural skills which are very demanded on the toady’s labor market.

An important element of the project is to increase public awareness about the use of games in the modern world in the context of education. In our opinion games that are well designed (with the use of Human Centered Design methods) can have a targeted impact and can be an important factor in the development of young people.

Our project target group are going to be young people from 3 EU Member States. They  will test the various games (computer games, board games, arcade, urban, etc.) and participate in the process of game design. The final project’s product will be the game developed by youth and for youth. We want to launch a final product that  will have educational impact in the field of diverse cultural, social and civic activism and entrepreneurship.



TARGET GROUP: young people aged 14-30 years

INDIRECT BENEFICIARIES: teachers, educators, animators, parents, seniors, all institutions/organizations working with young people.



1.    Active participation in international project partner meetings (about 2x a year, the duration of one meeting from 3 to 5 days),

2.    Recruitment of young people with a focus on youth mobility (2 times a year, the duration
of a single trip: 5 days),

3.    Organization of youth mobility (in cooperation with other partners),

4.    Exchange, transfer and provision of good practices (in the topic of youth games) from the project partner’s country.

5.    Active participation in the game design(preparing and testing) process.

6.    Active cooperation with Project Leader.

7.    Active participation in dissemination activities.



       exchange of experiences,

       exchange of knowledge about applied solutions,

       exploring new ways of working, creation of programs and tools to work with young people,

       work in an international and interdisciplinary team of experts,

       co-creation of games that will revolutionize thinking about the education of young people,

       increasing the knowledge and expertise of the project team and stakeholders in the area of innovative technologies application in the non-formal education of youth,

       development of new approaches and experiences on learning and teaching.


In case your organization is interested to partner with us, please answer the following questions and send them till 17th April to:


1. Does your organization implements projects for young people?

If Yes, then please describe two selected projects completed in the past 3 years (please specify their objectives, main activities, outcomes / results; range, duration, an indication of the scheme / fund, which was financed by the project, the amount of grants received),

2. Does our project proposal responds to the needs of young people in your country?

If Yes , then please answer  to what extent?

3. What are the activities that your organisation could tackle within our project?

– Personal potential (professionals):

– Potential material (equipment, housing conditions):

– Other?

4. Financial potential – please specify your organisation’s last fiscal year revenue.



Forum for Innovative Technologies Development is an NGO that implements projects aiming at Information Society development.  We support all initiatives that promote the wide use of modern ICT technologiesespecially in the areas where there is no potential for commercial solutions.


Our activities cover a wide range of topics that include e.g. social exclusion, education, entrepreneurship, labor market, technology and IT. Our area of interest are design of technology based solutions (IT and mobile) as well as promotion the active cooperation among government, science and business.

Our activities allow to integrate a broad community of people interested in issues of institutional efficiency, work with people socially excluded or at risk of exclusion and enhance the development potential of individual people and entities.


We provide consulting for government, local government and business. Our major areas of expertise are educational activities. We organized more than 100 training courses, conferences, seminars, workshops. We also prepare reports, conduct research, organize lectures and public meetings. We co-operate a cooperation many academic and research institutions both from Poland and Europe.

Our team consists of professionals from various disciplines, certified coaches, experienced teachers, sociologists, educators and design thinking experts. This allows us to join and implement a wide set of projects.


Since 2009 we have been working with organizations that successfully pursue youth dedicated  Erasmus+ co-funded projects (formerly: Youth in Action). Last year we had an opportunity to work with volunteers from Spain and Portugal. Their relocation to Poland was financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

Over the past three years the Foundation team members took part in various Erasmus+ mobility activities. That strengthened our competences in the area of diversity, including multiculturalism, and international cooperation.



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